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Planetary Science and Resources Discoveries (PSRD) is an educational site sharing the latest research on the nature and origin of the Moon, meteorites, asteroids, planets, and other materials in our Solar System, and on identifying potential resources on those bodies that could be tapped for the benefit of people on Earth. Original support came from the Planetary Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate and Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium. This site is a vital link for what's new in planetary and space sciences, space resources exploration, and learning how science works.

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Archive of Instruments of Cosmochemistry Articles

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17 JAN 2014 ICP-MS and Planetary Geosciences
by Jesse D. Davenport
ICP-MS techniques provide acurrate and rapid elemental analyses.
pdf link, ICP-MS and Planetary Geosciences
11 DEC 2013 The Igneous SPICEs Suite: Old Programs with a New Look
by Jesse D. Davenport
Long-established, reliable programs for calculating how magmas evolve have been given a facelift and used for modeling the crystallization of the lunar magma ocean.
pdf link, The Igneous SPICEs Suite of Programs
26 OCT 2006 LIBS: Remote Analysis of Elemental Compositions
by Linda M. V. Martel
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is an active remote sensing technique used for the rapid characterization of elemental compositions of materials.
pdf link, LIBS: Remote Analysis
28 FEB 2006 Ion Microprobe
by Linda M. V. Martel and G. Jeffrey Taylor
Instrument of Cosmochemistry
pdf link, Ion Microprobe

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