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Archive of Mercury Articles

Articles listed by publication date.




JULY 2014 Invoking a Hit-and-Run Collisional Origin for Planet Mercury
by Linda M. V. Martel
CosmoSparks Report - Grazing collisions between proto-Mercury and a larger body can explain Mercury's massive metallic core and thin rocky mantle.
pdf link, Hit-and-Run Collisional Origin for Mercury
AUG 2013 Absolute Ages of Mercury's Surface
by Linda M. V. Martel
CosmoSparks Report - Determining the absolute ages of Mercury's oldest surfaces to bracket the bombardment and volcanic histories of the closest planet to the Sun.
pdf link, Absolute Ages of Mercury's Surface
30 MAY 2013 Magnesium-rich Basalts on Mercury
by Linda M. V. Martel
Crystallization modeling using the MELTS computer code with MESSENGER-derived compositions finds Mg-rich lavas on Mercury.
pdf link, Magnesium-rich Basalts on Mercury
22 OCT 01 New Data, New Ideas, and Lively Debate about Mercury
by G. Jeffrey Taylor
A hundred scientists gathered to share new data and ideas about the important little planet closest to the Sun.
pdf link, New Data, New Ideas about Mercury
23 JAN 97 Mercury Unveiled
by G. Jeffrey Taylor
New analysis of 1970's data returned by the Mariner 10 mission reveals the nature of the surface of Mercury.
pdf link, Mercury Unveiled by Mariner 10


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