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Icarus Journal—Special Issue on Lunar Volatiles

Icarus journal
Icarus publishes original work in the field of Solar System studies. The July 15, 2015 issue (volume 255) is devoted to the subject of lunar volatiles and is edited by Dana M. Hurley (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), Matthew A. Siegler (Planetary Science Institute and Southern Methodist University), and Oded Aharonson (Weizmann Institute of Science). The research spans sample studies, laboratory experiments, numerical modeling, and remote sensing data analysis to better understand the nature, sources, and distribution of volatiles on the Moon. Though a subscription, individual or institutional, is needed to access the articles online, the Icarus Table of Contents and Abstracts are available to everyone. Articles:

"Simultaneous analysis of abundance and isotopic composition of nitrogen, carbon, and noble gases in lunar basalts: Insights into interior and surface processes on the Moon " p. 3-17, by Mortimer, J., Verchovsky, A. B., Anand, M., Gilmour, I., and Pillinger, C. T.

"Phosphorus as a lunar volatile" p. 18-23, by Pasek, M. A.

"Temperature programmed desorption studies of water interactions with Apollo lunar samples 12001 and 72501" p. 24-29, by Poston, M. J., Grieves, G. A., Aleksandrov, A. B., Hibbitts, C. A., Dyar, M. D., and Orlando, T. M.

"A qualitative study of the retention and release of volatile gases in JSC-1A lunar soil simulant at room temperature under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions" p. 30-43, by Patrick, E. L., Mandt, D. E., Escobedo, S. M., Winters, G. S., Mitchell, J. N., and Teolis, B. D.

"H2O and O( 3PJ ) photodesorption from amorphous solid water deposited on a lunar mare basalt" p. 44-50, by DeSimone, A. J., and Orlando, T. M.

"The lunar surface-exosphere connection: Measurement of secondary-ions from Apollo soils" p. 51-57, by Dukes, C. A. and Baragiola, R. A.

"Evidence for exposed water ice in the Moon's south polar regions from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ultraviolet albedo and temperature measurements" p. 58-69, by Hayne P. O., Hendrix, A., Sefton-Nash, E., Siegler, M. A., Lucey, P. G., Retherford, K. D., Williams, J.-P., Greenhagen, B. T., and Paige, D. A.

"The age of lunar south circumpolar craters Haworth, Shoemaker, Faustini, and Shackleton: Implications for regional geology, surface processes, and volatile sequestration" p. 70-77, by Tye, A. R., Fassett, C. I., Head, J. W., Mazarico, E., Basilevsky, A. T., Neumann, G. A., Smith, D. E., and Zuber, M. T.

"Evolution of lunar polar ice stability" p. 78-87, by Siegler, M., Paige, D., Williams, J.-P., and Bills, B.

"Evidence for the sequestration of hydrogen-bearing volatiles towards the Moon's southern pole-facing slopes" p. 88-99, by McClanahan, T. P. and 21 others.

"Moonshine: Diurnally varying hydration through natural distillation on the Moon, detected by the Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector (LEND)" p. 100-115, by Livengood, T. A., Chin, G., Sagdeev, R. Z., Mitrofanov, I. G., Boynton, W. V., Evans, L. G., Litvak, M. L., McClanahan, T. P., Sanin, A. B., Starr, R. D., and Su, J. J.

"Solar wind implantation into lunar regolith: Hydrogen retention in a surface with defects" p. 116-126, by Farrell, W. M., Hurley, D. M., and Zimmerman, M. I.

"Bulk hydrogen abundances in the lunar highlands: Measurements from orbital neutron data" p. 127-134, byLawrence, D. J., Peplowski, P. N., Plescia, J. B., Greenhagen, B. T., Maurice, S., and Prettyman, T. H.

"Lunar exospheric argon modeling" p. 135-147, by Grava, C., Chaufray, J.-Y., Retherford, K. D., Gladstone, G. R., Greathouse, T. K., Hurley, D. M., Hodges, R. R., Bayless, A. J., Cook, J. C., and Stern, S. A.

"Transport of water in a transient impact-generated lunar atmosphere" p. 148-158, by Prem, P., Artemieva, N. A., Goldstein, D. B., Varghese, P. L., and Trafton, L. M.

"An analytic function of lunar surface temperature for exospheric modeling" p. 159-163, by Hurley, D. M., Sarantos, M., Grave, C., Williams, J.-P., Retherford, K. D., Siegler, M., Greenhagen, B., and Paige, D.

pdf link, Icarus Special Issue on Lunar volatiles (pdf version)

Written by Linda M. V. Martel, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, for PSRD.

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