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Elements Magazine--Special Issue on Cosmochemistry

Elements Magazine
Elements is the international magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology published jointly by sixteen participating societies and three affiliated societies, six times a year. The February 2011 issue (volume 7, number 1) is devoted to Cosmochemistry and guest edited by Dante Lauretta (University of Arizona) who also wrote the first article. Though a subscription, individual or institutional, is needed to access the articles online, the Elements homepage is available to everyone. Hap McSween (University of Tennessee) served as principal editor in charge of the issue, which carries these articles:

"A Cosmochemical View of the Solar System" p. 11-16, by Dante S. Lauretta (Univeristy of Arizona)

"Presolar History Recorded in Extraterrestrial Materials" p. 17-22, by Ann N. Nguyen and Scott Messenger (NASA Johnson Space Center)

"Stable Isotope Cosmochemistry and the Evolution of Planetary Systems" p. 23-28, by Douglas Rumble III (Carnegie Institution of Washington), Edward D. Young (UCLA), Anat Shahar (Carnegie), and Weifu Guo (Carnegie)

"The Asteroid-Comet Continuum: In Search of Lost Primitivity" p. 29-34, by Matthieu Gounelle (Laboratoire de Minéralogie et de Cosmochimie du Muséum)

"Organic Chemistry of Carbonaceous Meteorites" p. 35-40, by Zita Martins (Imperial College London)

"Chronometry of Meteorites and the Formation of the Earth and Moon" p. 41-46, by Thorsten Kleine (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and John F. Rudge (University of Cambridge, UK)

"Meteorites: An Overview" p. 47-48, by Edward R. D. Scott (University of Hawai‘i), which is linked here by PSRD with permission.

pdf link, Elements Magazine Special Issue on Cosmochemistry (pdf version)

Written by Linda M. V. Martel, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, for PSRD.

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March 2011