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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences–Cosmochemistry Special Feature

PNAS journal
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA has devoted part of its November 29, 2011 (volume 108, no. 48) issue to Cosmochemistry. Though a subscription, individual or institutional, is needed to access the articles online, the PNAS Table of Contents and abstracts are available to everyone. Articles:

"Cosmochemistry: Understanding the Solar System Through Analysis of Extraterrestrial Materials," by Glenn MacPherson (Smithsonian Institution) and Mark Thiemens (U. C. San Diego)

"Laboratory Technology and Cosmochemistry," by Ernst Zinner and Frederic Moynier (Washington University, St. Louis) and Rhonda Stroud (Naval Research Laboratory)

"Cosmochemical Evidence for Astrophysical Processes During the Formation of our Solar System," by Glenn MacPherson (Smithsonian Institution) and Alan Boss (Carnegie Institution of Washington)

"Stardust in Meteorites," by Andrew Davis (Enrico Fermi Institute and Chicago Center for Cosmochemistry)

"Solar Composition from the Genesis Discovery Mission," by Donald Burnett (California Institute of Technology) and Genesis Science Team

"Combining Meteorites and Missions to Explore Mars," by Timothy McCoy and Catherine Corrigan (Smithsonian Institution) and Christopher Herd (University of Alberta)

"Terrestrial Planet Formation," by Kevin Righter (NASA Johnson Space Center) and David O'Brien (Planetary Science Institute, Tucson)

"Establishing a Molecular Relationship Between Chondritic and Cometary Organic Solids," by George Cody, Emily Heying, Conel Alexander, Larry Nittler (Carnegie Institution of Washington), David Kilcoyne (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), Scott Sandford (NASA Ames Research Center), and Rhonda Stroud (Naval Research Laboratory)

"Spacecraft Insturment Technology and Cosmochemistry," by Harry McSween Jr.(University of Tennessee), Ralph NcNutt Jr. (JHU Applied Physics Laboratory), and Thomas Prettyman (Planetary Science Institute, Tucson)

pdf link, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences--Cosmochemistry Special Feature (pdf version)

Written by Linda M. V. Martel, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, for PSRD.

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November 2011