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Harrison H. Schmitt's "Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man"

The newly-posted first installment of Harrison H. Schmitt's diary of the Apollo 17 Mission is available at his website, The table of contents reveals the breath of topics we can look forward to reading, with "30 Days and Counting," describing the final 30 days of preparation for the mission, available now and other chapters to follow.

Saturn launch vehicle on the pad. NASA Photo GPN-2000-000636.

The Saturn V Launch Vehicle photographed on the pad at Kennedy Space Center about two weeks before the launch of Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972. NASA Photo GPN-2000-000636.

"I have undertaken a long-running project to write a personal account of the Apollo 17 Mission on which I flew to the Moon as the Lunar Module Pilot and scientist. This diary also attempts to integrate much of the mission's scientific results to date with the operations that were necessary to explore the valley of Taurus-Littrow," says Schmitt.

Detailed passages—including geological aspects of the pre-flight training, photographs from the day, and extensive endnotes make this a compelling read for any space enthusiast.

pdf link, Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man (pdf version)

See Reference:
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Written by Linda Martel, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, for PSRD.

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