Planetary Science Research Discoveries HOT IDEA HEADERposted March 11, 1997
1997 Apparition of Comet Hale-Bopp

by Karen Meech

Visibility of Comet Hale-Bopp from Denver
DateComet RiseBeg ATwiAltitudeBeg NTwiAltitudeSunriseMag
Mar 103:00 am4:50 am21.1 deg5:22 am26.3 deg6:14 am-0.1
Mar 203:14 am4:34 am14.75:06 am19.0 deg5:58 am-0.5
Mar 304:16 am4:16 am5.0 deg4:48 am8.9 deg5:42 am-0.6
DateComet SetEnd NTwiAltitudeEnd ATwiAltitudeSunsetMag
Mar 208:46 pm7:10 pm16.1 deg7:42 pm12.0 deg6:16 pm-0.5
Mar 309:48 pm7:22 pm22.9 deg7:54 pm18.4 deg6:26 pm-0.6
Apr 1010:58 pm8:34 pm25.6 deg9:08 pm20.2 deg7:38 pm-0.4
Apr 2010:40 pm8:46 pm23.1 deg9:22 pm16.9 deg7:48 pm0.0
Apr 3010:10 pm8:58 pm7.3 deg9:36 pm10.5 deg7:58 pm0.5
May 109:38 pm9:10 pm9.8 deg9:50 pm2.6 deg8:08 pm1.1
May 209:04 pm9:22 pm1.4 deg - - 8:18 pm1.7

Computed for the Chamberlain Observatory
lat: 39.6766o, long: 104.953o, elevation: 5280 feet.

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