Planetary Science Research Discoveries

Planetary scientists sharing ideas and discoveries.

Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD) is an educational site sharing the latest research by NASA-sponsored scientists on meteorites, asteroids, planets, moons, and other materials in our Solar System. The website is supported by the Planetary Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate and by Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium and is a vital link for planetary and space sciences, and for learning how science works.

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23 APRIL 2018 link to video

    New Age for Lunar Exploration - ThinkTech Hawaii.

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    The Science and Beauty of a Total Solar Eclipse - ThinkTech Hawaii.

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12 DEC 2016 link to video

    Earth and Moon, Inseparable–The Origin of the Moon - ThinkTech Hawaii.

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    Scientific Storytelling with NASA, HIGP, and PSRD - ThinkTech Hawaii.

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    Value of Space Research to Earthlings - ThinkTech Hawaii.

28 MARCH 2016 link to video

    Friends and Discoveries at the 2016 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference - ThinkTech Hawaii.

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    Aligning with the Planets - ThinkTech Hawaii.

26 OCT 2015 link to video

    PSRD: Planetary Science Research Discoveries - ThinkTech Hawaii.


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