PSR Discoveries

Map Unit Descriptions

The researchers defined five different surfaces:
Name of unitDescription
Ma'adim Vallis floor
Smooth surface, with some terraced layers. Interpreted to be deposits on the bottom of a river channel.
Ma'adim Vallis terraces and deltaic deposits inside Gusev crater
Grouped together because of similar elevations and surface texture. The multi-leveled terraces are interpreted to be evidence of more than one episode of erosion and carving of the valley.
Gusev floor
Smooth surface interpreted to be deposits of fine-grained sediments transported into the crater by water from Ma'adim Vallis.
Gusev rim
From the crests of the hilly rim to landslide deposits around the base, this unit is related to the actual formation of the crater by an impact event.
windblown deposits
Smooth and bright surface at the junction of Ma'adim Vallis and the southern rim of Gusev crater, interpreted to be windblown material. This smooth and bright veneer is probably the youngest material deposited into Gusev crater.